Commissioning is an key fundamental behind successful completion of any project. We at BERATUNG with our decade long experience provide customised & high quality commissioning solutions to our clients based on their requirements; such as Independent 3rd party Commissioning / USGBC or IGBC Certification / Operations review or Due Diligence of the systems.

  • Independent 3rd Party Commissioning Management right from the design stage up to early occupancy Having independent 3rd party Commissioning Authority is a most effective way of commissioning any project throughout it’s lifecycle. A Commissioning Authority helps to bridge the gap between DESIGN – CONSTRUCTION – OPERATIONS & also helps in maintaining quality. Commissioning Authority / Manager ensures.
    • Completed facilities meet's the design intent
    • Incorporation of design data into Construction Documents
    • Operational needs of owner are met
    • Smooth transition of system to from Projects to Operations team
    • Systems are installed & commissioned correctly
    • Have a Close track of the Construction & commissioning Work progress
    • Checks systems interdependencies & ensures systems integrate & operate well in synchronization.
  • USGBC LEED / IGBC NB – Commissioning Agency FUNDAMENTAL COMMISSIONING is an prerequisite in LEED / IGBC rating system which mandates to have 3rd party commissioning agency on board. We also provide. ENHANCED COMMISSIONING solution for projects which aspire to achieve this credit as part of credit requirement under USGBC & IGBC.
  • Post Occupancy – MEP systems reviews / Due Diligence Operating conditions & efficiencies of MEP keep on varying based on various parameters such as occupancy, environmental conditions, daily wear & tear as part of day to day operations, etc. We help our clients to understand the system status, its ongoing efficiencies, carrying out due diligence for any systems modifications or upgrade based on operational requirements & reviewing operational practices.


Any project lifecycle goes through the pyramid approach; where building a strong foundation is utmost important.

A ROBUST DESIGN & DESIGN PROCESS is a basis of laying a strong foundation. We at BERATUNG have made an conscious efforts in streamlining the design processes to deliver best available design solutions & also minimize the time, errors or lapses during the process. Our experts bring in best of the industry knowledge & experience.

PEER REVIEW is a process which adds on a double check for the design aspects & helps in building a strong foundation.

We also provide DUE DILIGENCE services to our clients while selecting new premises or upgrading the current once.


Green Building Certification has evolved over past decade since its introduction in the Indian region during 2003. Today clients not just have options of various certifications but also of multiple Consultants offering green building solutions.

We at BERATUNG offer a unique advantage of not just expertise on board but also offering Green Certification Consulting as part of bouquet along with our other services providing a one stop solution to our clients.

Our team Consultants & Associates with LEED AP’s, Accredited professionals from IGBC & GRIHA provide a comprehensive solution for all types of certifications practiced currently in India.

Along with our Certification Consulting we also provide other aided services which are required during the certification process such as :

  • Energy Simulation
  • Lighting Simulation
  • Day Light Analysis
  • Shading Analysis
  • Solar Insolation Analysis
  • Sun Path Analysis


  • IST – Integrated System Test
    Integrated systems test is a way to test & verify the operational responses interdependencies & integration of MEP systems. It is recommended to carryout IST during following stages to ascertain integrity of MEP systems:
    • Before project handover
    • Annual / periodic

  • Discrimination Study – Electrical Systems
    Electrical systems are prone to tripping in case of any faults. A proper discrimination of entire switchgear network helps in proper timely isolation of network under fault & preventing transfer of fault to upstream or any parallel networks. During the course of operations discrimination is often overlooked when any loads are added or subtracted from the network.

  • Risk Assessment of MEP Systems & Operations / Energy Audits
    A traditional Energy Audit considers only assessment of efficiencies & identifying energy saving opportunities but MEP Systems undergo various other aspects during its operations such as seasonal weather changes, set points variations, differential loading, upgradations, repairs or overhaul's, etc. which result in wear & tear of MEP systems. Also operational resources keep on changing in any facility from time to time hence past operational lifecycle remain very much unknown post 5 – 6 years of operations. Hence it is recommended to re-assess the MEP systems periodically to re-align the operations also identify any risks associated to the systems & its operations.